INTEREL Trading has grown and has long since established itself on the market thanks to the focus it puts on research, on development and innovation, on the  quality of its products and services.

The staff members have contributed to the success of Interel Trading over the last thirty years and will continue to do so with their creativity and dedication, fulled by the passion of always satisfying the client’s needs.

The clients and especially their necessities, are what we focus on the most. Our services are modern, articulate and effective, in order to always be able to help our customers. INTEREL Trading works side by side with its customers guiding them through the various stages of a project – from the selection to the study of the project, to support during realisation, to the training of the technicians, to the transmission of our know-how up to the technical support after the purchase.

“We thrive on focusing on problem solving and always work close to the problems at hand. That is why our various systems and products are constantly being developed further and optimized. We love the steady exchange with the projects and the challenges they bring – that is the fuel that keeps us going.”