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The TopHome system opens and closes shutters and awning automatically.
They can also be configured to be time-controlled. The shutters automatically open in the morning and close again when it is getting dark outside.

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The TopHome system opens and closes your shutters and awnings automatically.
They can also be configured to be time-controlled.

The shutters automatically open in the morning and close again when it is getting dark outside.

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The temperature in your home can easily be adapted to your needs. Switches, indoor-outdoor sensors and timers  regulate the temperature in your home. TopHotel allows to get precise statistics of the power consumption to save energy and money.

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Each scenario you set up can be combined with your favourite music
(for example as alarm clock,
at dinner time etc).
You have the option to set a timer to play these scenarios automatically whenever you want.
You can, for example, gently wake up to a preset music of your choice.

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By managing the loads with the intelligent TopHome system you’ll never have to descend to the basement to turn on the Energy Meter again. For more safety in the house, the power supply to the washing machine or cooker can be automatically interrupted with the scenario leave the house“.

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In the case of a burglary, TopHome reports the incident to you and the police, automatically shuts shades and shutters and switches on all the lights. Programmable scenarios simulate your presence in your house while you are on vacation and can be easily reconfigured over internet via smartphone.


TopHome is a progressive and intelligent solution for the controlling of home automation with the purpose to optimize the installation and the control of the electrical system.
The system offers:

The system offers:

  • Administration of  In- and Outputs I/O
  • Access control
  • Regulation of the air conditioning
  • Control of the light scenes and dimming
  • Motorizing the curtains and blinds
  • Alarms, emergency calls
  • Scene management
  • Wireless control devices
  • Sending and receiving from messages by GSM
  • Computation of consumption
  • Controlling of the instructions over infrared technique
  • Light control by DMX

Combination possibilities with the following technologies:

  • Fire alarms
  • Emergency lights
  • Audio
  • Intercoms
  • Intrusion alarm
  • TVCC
  • Internet

Main characteristics

Reduced space requirements:
The modules are intended for mounting into in-wall boxes (Italian standard 503, 504) or for the installation on DIN bar.

Standalone function:

Certain models have an autonomous intelligence with already configured functions, whereby the functionality even without the BUS connection is possible.

Serial communication protocol ModBus RTU: The system can be managed over the ModBus RTU protocol , outgoing from the HCPU.

Standard programming language IEC 61131-3:
The system uses the Ladder Diagram, a standard programming language, which is used world-wide specially by the most important Plc manufacturers. It is characterized by its user friendliness and by logical symbols like a general connection diagram is programmed.
The program can be printed and used as documentation.

Own diagnosis of the system:
The system offers an efficient own diagnosis, which recognizes at any time and announces:

  • Architecture and kind of the plant (i.e. autonomous fnding of the modules, the number and the logical position the modules)

  • Diagnosis and message for the simplification of the use

  • Remote diagnostics


The system makes the implementation of a graphic interface possible by using

  • Visual Basic, Visual C++, .Net
  • SCADA systems


An advanced domotic system is not limited to a simple administration of the electrical system. It foresees rather the combination with other devices to monitor and mange the house over only one console. TopHome can be combined with numerous leading solutions of the market.

Until now we realized integration with the following sytems:

Fire protection & Intrusion alarm:

The combination of these systems display the configuration of the alarm sensors on a graphical plan and allows you to coordinate events. For example, the response of a sensor arms the alarm, displays the position of the area where the alarm was triggered on the screen and reacts with controls, such as lowering the shutters, switching on the light, etc.

Audio systems
The combination with these systems allows you to manage audio systems via touchscreen. You can, for example, setup the alarm clock to reproduce music in the morning and automatically open the shutters and turn the lights on.

The combination with these systems makes it possible to manage the calls and the displayed picture via touch screen, which makes internal units redundant.
The multimedial DIVUS touchpanels with integrated microphones and speakers allow incoming and outgoing audio- and video calls.

System TV.CC/IP
TopHome allows the management and integration of every IP-video camera.

Biometric access system
Perfect integration in the biometric access solution ekey, which among others allows access control via fingerprints of individual persons or groups and thus performs related functions.

Management of loads and analysis of consumption
By using general network analyzers, the loads can be easily managed and the tendencies of consumption can be displayed.

Remote control
Perfect integration into local area networks and management via internet or mobile devices.

Easy integration of KNX components by using the ladder programming language IEC 1131-3 ladder.


TopHome is an advanced solution with an ambient intelligence to control the home automation for the purpose of optimizing the installation and the use oft he electrical system.

With TopHome you have the possibility to control and lower the energy consumption.

By programming scenes such as lower the heating when you´re away from home, close blinds in the summer, turn off the main power supply at night and much more, you can actively save costs without even thinking about it.

Save energy with TopHome: EN 15232

EN 15232 is the new EU directive 2010/31/EC on the energy efficiency of buildings (in the official journal of the european union of june 18th 2010 (L 153), which entered into force on July 9th and replaced Directive 2002/91/EC, repealed from February 1st 2012), which shows that the energy saving reached by the Bus-technology is extremely important for the building automation.

It is considered:

  • as one of the main instruments to improve the energy efficiency of buildings
  • as a correction factor of bad energy uses (the so-called „waste“).

Applying this standard lets you estimate the savings introduced by the degree of control and automation of technological systems – Building Automation and Control System (BACS). Therefore it allows: to quantify and compare the theoretical cost savings related to each class, choose the category of the control system and finally turn the choice of the class into a list of functions that can be included in the technical specification.

The standard defines four different energy efficiency classes for classification of automation systems; depending on the choice of equipment and the careful design of the system, you can reach the minimum performance, the more advanced automation or the top of the ladder.

The idea to achieve that is simply based on the optimization of the energy management system: Power is only provided when required.

The minimum requirements defined by each category affect automation functions such as heating and cooling, lighting and solar shading. For each function there are defined different levels of complexity according to the class.


The system is certified as perfectly suitable to reach the energy certifications up to class A. It performs with a high level of accuracy and completeness in all the functionality required by the European standard EN15232.
As well as highly functional they are also economically compatible with all types of buildings, whose integrated functions have to fit the required new regulations of energy saving.


Function example:

Lighting control: The lighting can only be switched on manually by using the buttons/switches installed in the area you want to be illuminated. If the light is not switched off manually, the system automatically turns off the lights within 5 minutes if there is no presence / movement in the area. Class of automation: A.

Heating: This function allows to control the temperature of every room with the possibility of interrupting the heating or putting it in the low power state when there is no person in the room or the windows/doors are open.


The solution for every need! Control, comfort, communication, safety and energy saving.


  • Light management
  • Light dimming management
  • Irrigation management
  • Biometric access system
  • Electric loads of management


  • Sound system
  • Air quality
  • Heating and cooling management
  • Timer, scenario, calendar management


  • Fire alarm system
  • System TV.CC
  • Magentic sensors on the windows
  • Home security


  • Load management and consumption analysis
  • Electric load management
  • Heating and cooling management
  • Magnetic sensors on the windows


  • Intercom system
  • Remote control


Wall-mounted touch panels from DIVUS represent security, reliability and continuous availability.

DIVUS building touch panels permit to show and control the functions of your smart home, taking in consideration also all security related aspects. The full control of your system must on one side be easily available, but at the same time always secured. Important functions like the control of the alarm system or the entrance door must not be exclusively controlled from your mobile devices, which at any time could fall into the wrong hands.

Therefore our motto is: from your hand it could fall, thus get back into the wall.

Smart phones and tablets can be seen as good extensions for the wall-mounted touch panels. Since the panels have been designed for a long-term permanent operation, can’t be forgotten, their usage is even more convenient than using a smart phone, above all if looking at the period of application.

A DIVUS touch panel merges perfectly with your living ambience. By selecting colors and mounting type you define whether the panel should become a true eye-catcher or should keep to the sidelines.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE 7″ – 10″ – 15″ – 19″

The DIVUS TOUCHZONE combines the functions of a smartphone with building security functions.

It is the product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!


  • glass multiTouchpanel for an intuitive handling in residential and commercial buildings
  • button for controlling temperature, lighting, shading and more.
  • home audio control panel
  • elegant interior intercom station
  • control panel for energy and security management of the building
  • artwork for the wall – Made in Italy
  • call system for office, surgery, conference room

DIVUS TOUCHZONE can be designed individually, where all your ideas and visions can be implemented with Android.
All system integrators and building users want a solution that allows free and individual scaling and definition of control elements on a touch screen.

Thanks to our multi-touch display, labels, texts, and icons can be displayed in a size that enables even children and the elderly to read and understand the display and use it in a sure-footed manner.

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DIVUS SUPERIO 10″ – 15″ – 19″

DIVUS SUPERIO is the individual information center for the whole family. Getting the newest information every day, everywhere and at any time crystallizes into an important part of our lives. Therefore, we have combined the best design and technology – in DIVUS SUPERIO.

Now we present the magnification of the DIVUS SUPERIO family. DIVUS SUPERIO provides the elegant touchpanel with capacitive glass touch screen. The Touchpanels in 16:9 format are available with the display sizes of 10“, 15“ and 19“. The system integrator has, with these screen sizes and mounting options, lots of new exciting ways to implement building visualisations.

Let yourself be enchanted by this fusion of design and technology!

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DIVUS MIRROR 15″ – 19″

DIVUS MIRROR is a combination of a touch panel for building automation and a high-quality mirror.

It switches to standby mode automatically after one minute without an active input. While in Standby mode, DIVUS MIRROR looks like a conventional mirror.

A touch on the mirror will activate the display of the 15“ or 19“ panel and once again serve as the centerpiece of your building or home.

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DIVUS DOMUS 10″ – 15″ – 19″

DIVUS DOMUS fits perfectly with every interior design. According to the wishes of the planners or builders, DIVUS DOMUS can be either invisible but it can also become a significant component in the interior design.

And because the design frames not only look good but can also be replaced with only one “click“, everyone can choose his/her frame according to the actual mood or according to the wallpaper. DIVUS DOMUS is available in 15 differents colors.

The true talents of the DIVUS DOMUS, appreciated particularly by the experts. The open system architecture with the pre-installed operating system Windows® Embedded lets the heart of each expert beat faster. Own and foreign software can easily be integrated and updated.

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DIVUS DIVA – experience the fusion of modern building technology, visualization and media in a unique and stunning design. You want the comfort of a secure and clear visualization of your home, without having to abandon functionalities like TV or INTERNET?

DIVUS DIVA is the solution! The elegant touch panel provides great visual experience and with its high-quality materials and exclusive design it ensures that your living ambience perfectly meets your requirements. The 22“ Full HD display presents your media contents perfectly sharp and always shows you the status information of your residence, villa or company building.

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DIVUS HOME 10″ – 15″

Our Economy class. DIVUS HOME is incredibly versatile, because it combines three advantages together:
Firstly the easily exchangeable design-frames.

The mounting is so simple: mounting the in-wall box, fitting DIVUS HOME and adding the frame. Ready! The brilliant in wall mounting furthermore takes care that the DIVUS HOME rises max. 25 mm from the wall.

The true talents of the DIVUS HOME, appreciated particularly by the experts. The open system architecture with the pre-installed operating system Windows® Embedded lets the heart of each expert beat faster. Own and foreign software can easily be integrated and updated.

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