Employee protection in COVID-19 times: highly accurate, data protection compliant and immediately ready for use

KINEXON SafeZone is a data protection-compliant solution for companies for precise compliance with employee distance regulations and sustainable protection of business processes in case of virus infection.

It is the first fully operational, field-tested solution that can be implemented quickly and securely without the infrastructure required for a large number of employees.


Avoid and detect critical contacts with KINEXON SafeZone

To maintain production reliability in Coronavirus times, two steps are essential for companies:
Employee protection and process security. KINEXON SafeZone supports both with its recognized and award-winning technology.

1 | Keep your distance!

To return to normality and contain the spread of COVID-19, one thing has the highest priority according to governments, experts and associations: keep your distance! This means:

  • 1.5 m away from colleagues
  • Keep personal contacts short
  • Avoid accidental contact
  • Organize busy areas

2 | Ensuring processes

No rule can guarantee 100% protection against infection. It is therefore the company’s responsibility to ensure safe working processes in the worst case scenario – and to do so quickly and accurately:

  • Locate cases of infection
  • Follow the contact chains
  • Evaluate contact intensities
  • Take precautions

The heart of our solution: KINEXON SafeTag

This UWB sensor, weighing about 15 g, is all you need to get started: Employees have several options for wearing the KINEXON SafeTag.

Each sensor is stored in the system with its own sensor ID, but is not assigned to people. This ensures that no personal data is recorded and that data protection guidelines are observed.

Choose your favorite version!

Basic version for distance warning

KINEXON SafeTags measure the distances between them once per second and with an accuracy of 10 cm. If the distance falls below the prescribed value of 1.5 m, an LED flashes red. If the distance is reduced for more than 5 seconds, a warning signal is also emitted.


Extended version to track infection chains

Alternatively, the KINEXON SafeTag can be expanded with software. All sensor motion data is recorded in this software. In the event of a positive infection, the entire contact chain of the affected employee* can be displayed.


Safety is the big advantage of KINEXON SafeZone

Our Advantage: As one of the leading providers of intelligent real-time technology, KINEXON has in-depth industry experience.

With KINEXON SafeZone we rely on our proven and mature technology and guarantee maximum safety in all essential aspects:

  • Maximum data protection, as no personal data is collected/requested
  • 100% reliability thanks to the most accurate real-time measurement technology currently available
  • Planning reliability through industrial scale availability and scalability
  • Maximum confidence from renowned references (Continental, ASM, BMW and others)

How KINEXON SafeZone works in practice

High-level quality and flexibility

As an award-winning provider of intelligent real-time technology, KINEXON offers with SafeZone a solution that sets the standard for today’s safe working environment:

Plug & Play

No infrastructure required and commissioning in a single day

Highly scalable

Fast availability and configuration for flexible large-scale use

Maximum level of data protection

No storage of personal data, no access to customized devices

Maximum precision

With up to 10 cm the most precise distance measurement on the market

Added value for employees, employee representatives and the company

With KINEXON SafeZone you benefit from day one:

Minimizing the risk of infection

Process stability in case of infection

Prevention of interruptions due to infection

Guarantee of your duty of care

Future-oriented technology is the best protection for your investment:
KINEXON sensor technology enables numerous other applications – both for occupational safety and intelligent process optimization in the sense of the industrial Internet of things.

KINEXON SafeZone in the press

"At the Continental in Regenburg, in addition to mechanical protection, high-tech protection is now also used. At least for test purposes, as confirmed by the ZEIT ONLINE spokesman. Sensor technology, which the company already uses for real-time, centimetre-accurate location of components and machines to optimise the flow of materials, can also keep people at a distance".

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"No one can always correctly assess the distance of five feet," says Oliver Trinchera, CEO of the Kinexon start-up. The Munich-based company claims to have developed the world's first solution to the spacing problem, which is equally present in all companies".

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"KINEXON provides sensors and tracking systems for sporting events. Now the start-up wants to equip employees, buyers or even travelers with wristbands for data that accurately measure the centimetre, so that they can move around coronavirus-proof".

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"Based on its technology, the Munich start-up KINEXON has developed a completely new solution that is already in use at the first companies: an employee wristband with ultra-wideband sensors. The solution is suitable for all areas where people move," said founder Oliver Trinchera to the Handelsblatt newspaper.

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"For Saturday's restart against Gladbach, the Frenchmen will distribute a small transmitter to visitors to the stadium. It will act as a distance warning, emitting an acoustic signal and glowing red when the distance falls below the prescribed 1.50 metres".

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Cheaper than you think

Since KINEXON SafeZone does not require any infrastructure and is based directly on the proven KINEXON technology, we are able to offer an attractive price that can stand up to comparison with masks:

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