INTEREL Trading has grown year after year since its foundation 40 years ago, imposing itself and establishing itself on the market through its focus on research, development and innovation. A strong team of employees whose creativity and dedication have contributed to INTEREL Trading’s success over the past 40 years.


Dynamic, innovative and reliable

INTEREL Trading is not only focused on sales and production, but also on customer support, with specialised staff, both in terms of service and support, as well as in the development of specific applications. We firmly believe that the success of our systems and products is the result of their continuous development and optimisation.

We are constantly evolving according to the challenges we face. An essential feature to succeed in the market is reliable technology that is easy to maintain and install and has sufficient capacity for integration with other systems. INTEREL Trading offers a wide and specific range of high-tech products. In addition, our bus systems are able to perform management and control functions easily and effectively.

Operating Principles

INTEREL Trading focuses on the high quality of its products by offering customers the highest standards.

Relationships with customers, employees and our team are always based on sincerity and mutual respect.

In order to meet our customers' expectations and to stay one step ahead, we are constantly looking for new creative solutions.

Thanks to our flexibility and dynamic nature, we are always one step ahead of the competition! This means continuous growth and development for our products and services.

We know how important simple operation and intuitive configuration is for our products.

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